Lawn Care and Maintenance

Simple, cost effect lawn care

Tending and caring for so many gardens in and around Norfolk has involved the maintenance and care of many lawns. Initially it was an area that Balanis did not get too involved with. However, over the last couple of years we now offer a cost effective lawn care service that should provide a healthy and strong lawn for you and your family (and pets) to enjoy. The majority of lawn care is managed by Tristan, Louise’s husband.

Scarify, Feed and Overseed

The lawn at the start showing dead patches with moss and excessive thatch

This lawn has just been scrarified to remove 5 years of dead thatch build up and moss

Several weeks later, following scarification, aeration, feeding & overseeding and we have a healthy, strong, green lawn

Small Lawns – a rake is fine

If it’s just a small lawn a hand rake is the perfect tool for gentle scarification. We will use a rake for average sized family lawns. Once the grassed area gets to be over 200m² we will employ a petrol scarifier. Following scarifying it’s important to feed and, if necessary, overseed any major bare areas. For more moss removal case studies please visit the blog.

Scarifying with a rake can be quite disturbing, but 4 weeks later and you’ll be glad it was done

Small Front Garden following 1 Lawn Care session

This lawn was in reasonably good condition however, there had been a build up of moss and thatch over the last few years. Half a day spent scarifying with a rake followed by a good feed, aeration and seed yielded some great results in just a few weeks.

The lawn before treatment. Several brown patches that were spreading quite rapidly

The lawn after just one lawn care treatment looking far better. It’s still improving following seasonal feeds.

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