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Garden Jobs for April – Spring is in the air

April is a good time to start planning for a garden tidy up. Don’t forget, if you are looking for a freshen up and a general garden makeover, please get in touch with Louise now as she’s often heavily booked in advance. If the perfect lawn is something you are trying to achieve – April is a good time to kill the moss in your lawn with some Iron Sulphate. April is a changeable month so don’t forget to carry on feeding the birds. The team at Balanis recommend some of these value for money bird feeders to attract more birds to your garden..

After a very odd winter, spring has finally arrived, so lets get Norfolk gardening!

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Flowers – time to fill the gaps

Fill gaps in flower beds with early bedding plants or sow annuals such as field poppies, california poppies, sunflowers and cosmos.  If sown in succession, you’ll have a great display until the first frosts.

Prune and shape Forsythia as soon as it has finished flowering

Deadhead daffs. but leave foliage for another six weeks or so

Pop a mulch around your border plants and top up compost in pots

Protect young shoots from slugs, use copper strips, crushed shells or similar

Provide support and tie in new shoots for climbers and tall perennials

Bugs are coming !

Spray roses regularly to prevent greenfly from taking hold.  If you prefer organic treatments, try a spray with warm soapy water. You could also try planting marigolds, they attract greenfly so much, they may leave your vegetables and perennials to thrive!.

Herbs – something for the kitchen

It’s time to sow herbs to use all summer long for those barbeques and outside dining that we all look forward to!.

Lawn – OK to feed now

Now is the time to sow new lawns from seed, patch bare ones or lay turf, you can use fertiliser too.

Vegetables and fruit

Sow veg. and salad crops such as spinach, rocket and watercress.  These are so easy to grow and if sowed in succession, will provide you with a good crop until October.

Have a Go, and Sow some Seeds

Finally, if you’ve never grown anything from seed before, April is the time to have a go.  Buy a packet of seeds and pop in the ground or in a pot and see what happens.  It’s so easy and the April showers will mean you don’t even have to be that attentive, nature will do a lot of the work for you.  I’d love to see some results in a couple of months time.  If you email me a picture of your fabulous results, I promise to post the best on my Balanis Facebook page for all to see!.

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