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August is the time for holidays away or simply time off work for many. Take time to enjoy the garden. If you are going away, try popping all your baskets and pots in one place and put a simple timer on your hose in order to water once a day while you are away. Or even better, ask a neighbour to water!. Use your herbs in cooking, salads and barbeques and cut the flowers you’ve laboured over, bringing the ‘outside inside’. If you’ve decided that you need some help with your garden, then please get in touch with Louise, whether it’s a FULL Garden Design service or just a makeover and colour injection.

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There’s a few months left in those flowers..

Keep picking and deadheading in the flower borders, you will be rewarded with new growth and often a second flush of flowers. Now is the time to trim lavender to maintain it’s shape.

Continue to tie in climbers and check supports aren’t too tight. There is still time to trim wisteria whips if necessary.

Feed container plants with a liquid fertiliser weekly until the end of this month. Stop at this point, especially with roses as fertiliser will stimulate ‘whippy’ growth that may not mature prior to Autumn.

Vegetable and Fruit ideas for August

Take cuttings of herbs such as rosemary and lavender as well as shrubs like senencio, fuschias and daphne. All should be kept moist but not over watered and will over winter outside, but in a sheltered area.

Sink pots of compost by the side of strawberry runners and pin down, this will provide you with free plants next year. First year strawberries will generally provide the most fruit.

Keep picking fruit this month, even if you aren’t using it immediately, it is best picked when ripe and frozen if possible. This includes herbs.

Don’t Forget to Feed the Lawn – plenty of Water please

Keep mowing weekly, a long lawn loses nutrients more quickly and often results in yellow patches if left too long.

Photos: As your garden matures it becomes harder to remember space taken by perennials during the growing period. Take photos now so that you can remember where you would like to move shrubs if they are not working with your scheme. Photos are also great to enable you to plan new annuals/perennials for next spring and summer.

If I can be of assistance to you, with a new planting scheme or simply a summer blitz, please do not hesitate to contact me

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A Red Admiral butterfly often found in Norfolk gardens
Louise’s Garden in Hunstanton is a home for many butterflies like this RED ADMIRAL

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