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Total Project Management

Whatever your garden design requirements Balanis is here to help. We have our own full-time staff for all “soft” landscaping – everything horticultural and organic. For the “hard” landscaping we work with some of the best contractors in the area. Louise project manages the whole experience – the client deals only with Balanis. With our team of specialist landscapers we can satisfy most structural design requirements including patios, raised beds, steel lawn edging, woven steel planters, decking, fencing and outdoor electrics.

Landscape Gardening example – a Large Norfolk Farmhouse

This was one of our largest tasks undertaken to date. All aspects of our business were utilised here. At the busiest times Louise was managing as many as 10 contractors – all hand chosen for their specific skills. Hundreds of large plants, shrubs and trees planted around the property. Garden Electrics added throughout including two Husqvarna Robot Lawnmowers. Over 1,500m of woven steel slates were used to make stunning islands around the established trees. The ground was scraped and levelled in preparation for the new turf lawn. Over 20 tons of topsoil, compost and bark were used to enrich the ground before laying the new lawn and planting the new plants.

Garden Electrics, Patio and Steel Lawn Edging

This garden design from 2019 included a majority of the services offered by Balanis and our capable sub-contractors. Over 300m of external electrical cabling was installed with dozens of uplights and convenient weather proof sockets. The finishing touch here were these water-resistant fairy lights over the oak arbour. The design also included more than 100m of steel lawn edging. This was added to contain the soil & bark – keeping it away from the lawn for easier maintenance. The landscaping team responsible for the patio were also responsible to the large firepit and feature arbour.

Landscaping complete with patio, steel edges, firepit, pergola and outdoor electric lighting
Construction of a patio with firepit and oak arbour. Patio surrounded by steel lawn edging.

Total Project Management

Remember, when you involve Balanis Garden Design you get total project management – leaving you with just a single point of contact. Louise manages all external contractors from brick layers to arborists and electricians to carpenters. Balanis will even liase with the Tree Preservation authority if necessary.

Steel Lawn Edging – contemporary styling

The inclusion of steel lawn edgings have featured extensively in Louise’s garden designs over the past couple of years. They offer a contemporary long-term solution as a seperator between lawns and flower beds, shingle driveway and patios etc.

Steel lawn edging installed to help control leakage of bark on to lawn

Creating a divide between Lawn and Patio

Installation of the metal edging before laying the new turf. This design also included the laying a new patio (right side) with the steel edging used to create a clean border between the lawn and patio. The area between the edging and patio brick weave was later filled with 10mm pebble.

A very blank canvas - garden design with new patio, central lawn (turfed), steel edging and over 100 plants ready to go in

Woven Steel Planters (raised beds)

The same steel edging specialist contractor is also used by Balanis to create some eye-catching raised planters. The Woven Steel beds built for this customer have been used to grow salad crop. The additional height makes it easier to weed and maintain throughout the growing season.

A kitchen garden from 4 large woven steel planters, beyond that is a newly planted wild flower meadow and orchard

Wooden (oak) planters / raised beds and water features

Balanis has access to the very best Norfolk contracts. This courtyard garden in Brancaster utilised the skills offered by our carpenter and electricians. The carpenter built the oak raised beds with seating. The electrician installed a set of remote controlled outdoor lights and repaired the broken water feature.

A small courtyard transformed with simple landscaping including oak sleeper seating, raised beds and a water feature from reclaimed bricks
Addition of oak seating and raised beds. Installation of outdoor lighting and electrics for fish pond
A small unused courtyard transformed with a new patio, brick borders and simple planting
A new patio laid in place of some slipper decking. Borders edged with reclaimed bricks

Another Landscaped Garden with Patio and Brick Weave

This small garden has benefited from some extensive border planting, a new lawn and a freshly laid patio complete with brick weave edging.

Another low maintenance hard landscaping job - lawn surrounded by brick weave and new yorkshire stone patio
Newly laid lawn area surrounded by a brick weave border leading to new natural stone patio

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