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The weeds and lawn have almost stopped growing so enjoy the brief respite and start planning for the spring! October is actually a great time to start planning next year’s garden. If you are considering a full on garden redesign or garden makeover, then please get in touch with Louise to discuss the options. While your garden is sleeping, spare a thought for our feathered friends. While we’re tucked up nice and warm give the birds a treat with one of these Balanis tried and tested bird feeders

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In the flower garden

  • Protect half hardy plants with fleece where possible.
  • Plant daffodil, tulip and allium bulbs for a glorious display in Spring.
  • Bareroot tree and shrubs can now be purchased on line or at nurseries.
  • Winter/spring bedding should be planted now while the soil it still warm.
  • Move trees & shrubs and plant hedges, October is an ideal month to do so.
  • For free plants, lift and divide perennials that have died down or at least cut back.

In the vegetable garden

  • Harvest as much as possible before the frosts, an plants with green tomato peppers can be hung upside down indoors to ripen.
  • Plants Autumn garlic bulbs or try elephant garlic for something a little different.
  • Invest in a mushroom kit if you would like to grow your own.
  • Recycle used grow bags by opening them up and sowing late salad crops in them.

In the fruit garden

  • Plant barefoot fruit trees
  • Cut back strawberry foliage to encourage new growth
  • Move citrus trees to a very sheltered area, preferably greenhouse or indoors.
  • Divide large rhubarb plants for a good crop next year

Looking after your lawn

  • Now is the last chance to sow lawn seed – remember Balanis can help with ongoing lawn care and maintenance
  • This month may be the last cut, ensure blades are high.
  • You can feed your lawn now, ensure the feed  is rich in potassium and low in nitrogen.

With longer evenings arriving, take time to reflect on what grew well, what failed miserably, and what changes you would like to make.  I for one, will be digging up and moving around an entire border in October that just didn’t work this summer, although on paper it looked good.  Gardens are an ever evolving part of our home, we all need a change now and again, start with the prettiest room in the house!

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Norfolk Gardens looking beautiful
Louise’s full Garden borders at her Hunstanton home , Norfolk Coast

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