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Medium sized Courtyard Garden

Thornham – NW Norfolk

The photographs below show a recent garden design in a secluded property tucked behind the old school house in Thornham (N. Norfolk). This medium sized courtyard garden was transformed from a bland space to a seaside oasis of colour, movement and tactile features. The customer brief was for a dog friendly, seaside feel, reasonably low maintenance garden with only green & white flowers … and don’t forget the remote control garden lights, woven steel fences and brickweave patio and path. Not a problem for Louise Barby – Garden Design Consultant – at Balanis Gardening

Get the Digger in and prepare the ground

BEFORE – This is sometime around day 3 or 4 of preparation. The old turf was removed along with several dead and poorly positioned trees. Thornham is in a conservation area so all tree work is performed in strict accordance with Tree Preservation Order. Balanis manage all the essential paperwork and liaise directly with the Borough Council with regard to TPO applications etc.

Landscaper's at work - removing a stubborn tree root with digger

View North to South – day 3 of clearing

Groundowrk - preparing the ground before applying shingle

Courtyard garden viewed from South to North – before removal of trees to make space for patio. Balanis only removes trees when essential and always with the approval of the Tree Conservation Trust.

Preparing for the Hard Lanscaping

HALFWAY there – Looking South – the ground has been levelled,  weed resistant membrane installed and over 4 tonnes of shingle added. In the foreground, following the removal of the unwanted trees, the patio area is prepared – ready for brick weave – and the custom steel edging has been installed. On the left-hand side bed the woven steel hurdle (low fence) have been added to keep the family dogs off the flower beds.

Steel edging installed around garden to contain soil and shingle

View from North to South with shingle added and steel edging in place

Garden Design Finished – customer very happy

FINISHED – this garden has a bit of everything on offer from Balanis. Garden Design with over 90 plants added in throughout the 3 flower beds following a strict request from the customer – everything must be green and white – no other colours.  Hard Landscaping with the inclusion of a brickweave patio, steel edging and woven steel fencing and a brickweave pathway. We also used our preferred electrical contractors to add various uplights and mood lights around the garden. The mood enhancing garden lighting is all controlled with keyfob remote control. Please scroll all the way down to the the various views of the completed garden design.

Garden Design nearly complete - brickweave path, woven steel fencing and cockles

Brickweave pathway following the curves of the woven steel hurdle

Thornham Seaside design complete - deck chairs on new patio with white quartz, cockle shells and shingle

A mix of shingle, white pebbles and cockle shells.

Borders planted and garden lights installed

Garden Electrics in place with uplights on trees

Uplights installed inside garden borders

More garden lighting – illuminating the swaying grasses

Courtyard ready for customers

Desk Chairs in place – just waiting for the happy client

View at Dusk – garden lighting, steel fencing and over 90 new plants

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