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Now is the time to be looking for horticultural inspiration. The Open Gardens scheme is fabulous and runs countrywide.  We are very lucky to have some amazing gardens on our door stop.  Plants can often be purchased from the garden owners directly and for a reasonable price too.  Visit for a full list of places to visit.

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Flower Garden in Full Bloom

Cut back faded perennial plants to keep borders tidy and to encourage a second flush of growth.  Penstemon, hardy geraniums and delphiniums are some good examples. Cut back hanging basket growth, which will revive the display.  Long side shoots of Wisteria should be cut back to 20cm from their base.

Don’t forget to continue to tie in climbing plant growth and deadhead roses. Keep picking sweet peas to ensure they do not go to seed.

Vegetable and Fruit getting ready for the Dining Tablet

Feed crops with a general purpose fertiliser, pinch out side shoots of tomatoes and use fertiliser once a week, to boost crops.  You can plant second cropping potatoes now for new potatoes at Christmas.  Train cucumber stems upwards so that they don’t trail on the ground.

Strawberries should be cropping well, keep picking them and protect them from the birds with taught netting. Water all crops when there is a dry period.  Keep sowing cut and come again crops too.

Check both flowers and vegetables for bugs and weeds, otherwise all your hard work could be in vain. Prune plum, apricot, peach and cherry trees, including cordons and espaliers.

Don’t Forget to Feed the Lawn – plenty of Water please

Now is the last chance to feed the lawn with lawn fertiliser.  Water during hot weather, especially newly seeded or turfed lawns. Keep bird baths topped up and use water butts instead of tap water where possible for watering plants. If I can be of assistance to you, with a new planting scheme or simply a summer blitz, please do not hesitate to contact me, on 07812099123. I am available for garden design, garden makeovers and regular garden maintenance in and around Hunstanton and 10 miles around the North Norfolk Coast out as far as Brancaster, Sedgeford and Ringstead.

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Louise’s Garden in Hunstanton, Norfolk Coast, full of beautiful Roses

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