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Flowers – There is still plenty of time to direct sow annuals. Sow weekly or fortnightly to ensure a long season of interest. Try cosmos, cornflowers or even night scented stock for a speedy and stunning display. It’s also time to start to fill pots and hanging baskets with annuals, plug plants are very effective and can be planted in sheltered areas or protected in the nighttime from frost. Try popping some water retaining granules in the compost mix as this ensures the baskets won’t dry out if you forget to water them! If you’re finding your garden is getting a bit out of control then Balanis can help with our garden clearance service. Get your garden back in to shape with one big effort, leaving you with an easier job for the rest of the year.

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Wash off those Garden Bugs

Bugs – Keep an eye on new perennials and annuals, wash off bugs with your hose or treat with chemical spray before they consume all the new growth.

Tackle that Moss in the lawn… before it settles in

Lawn – It’s the time to address moss by scarifying and, if it’s bad, the application of Iron Sulphate, use lawn sand, sow lawn seed and start to mow every week. We also recommend giving the lawn a boost with a 4 in 1 weed a feed mix like Miracle Grow Evergreen. You can leave an area of your lawn and sow with a wild flower mix.  Alternatively, change the height of the mower blade and create some patterns or even a maze.  I noticed St. Edmunds church grounds tried this last year with great success.

Thin out the Vegetables !

Vegetables and fruit – Beetroot, spinach and similar, should be thinned out. Small plug plants of cut and come again crops can be purchased at this time of year as well as strawberries plants.  These can be planted in pots or directly in the ground.

Lift and Divide Pond Plants

Ponds – If you have a new pond, wait at least six weeks prior to introducing fish. Lift and divide overcrowded pond plants and introduce water lilies now for a great flower display.

Finally…. it is good practice to liquid feed your plants weekly from May onwards, this ensures strong growth and flowers throughout the summer.  Support and tie in new vegetable and flower growth for a successful summer display

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Louise’s full Garden borders at her Hunstanton home

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