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Large Family Garden

Holme Next the Sea (Norfolk)

This family home in Holme -next-the-Sea took advantage of all the garden design services on offer from Balanis. We started with our steel edging contractor splitting the garden in to 4 distinct areas and adding 4 x woven steel planters. More than a dozen trees were planted along the primary borders. We installed a timed irrigation system (drip feed) to the main flower beds and a new wildflower meadow. Our electrical contractor installed more than 15 discrete uplights and convenient electric points around the garden. A beautiful 150 year old Olive tree was added as a main focal point of the design. In 12 months this garden will be unrecognisable as the flowers and shrubs establish themselves over the coming months

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Before the implementation of the Garden Design

It’s a large, rectangular stretch of lawn with no focal point, nature spots or general interest points. There was no areas for family gathering, no patios – not even a single flower… that was before the client asked Landscape Garden Designer, Louise Barby, for a full garden makeover.

Large Family Garden in Norfolk BEFORE Balanis began the landscape gardening jobs

After the Landscape Gardening has all finished

The photograph below was taken 3 years after the garden design had been fully implemented. Please scroll down to see the progression of this job included the patios, arbor, firepit, steel lawn edging and much more. A key focal point to this design was the stunning Olive Tree surrounded by contrasting white pebbles. A total of seven tonnes of local Norfolk compost and manure were added to the existing topsoil to improve the poor soil quality. Louise informed the customer that in 12 months time all the new plants will have spread and established themselves – with help from the new irrigation system (under soil / drip feed).

The first image below show the new beds directly after planting in June 2019. The second photograph shows the flower beds in full bloom – just 3 years after planting.

Wildflower Meadow – wildlife heaven

Wildflower meadow – the top of the garden was dedicated to a wildflower meadow and 7 tree mixed variety orchard. Over 500 plug plants were added to give this lovely natural environment. Throughout the summer the wildflower meadow thrived with everything from Californian poppies to cornflowers, birds-foot trefoil and meadow buttercup. Needless to say – it was a haven for butterflies and moths.

Hard Landscaping – Patio, Firepit and Arbour

Addition of the family patio area, a stone (steel lined) firepit and oak arbour. Silver birches planted behind the seating area. Outdoor lighting installed throughout with over 300m of cabling and remote control for added convenience.

Hard Landscaping finished - showing Patio, Arbour and Firepit

Focal Point – a beautiful Oak Tree and up-lighting

A stunning 150 year old Olive Tree has been planted with contrasting white pebbles. The newly installed outdoor lighting is used to up-light the features at night.

Holme Next the Sea - a stunning Olive tree surrounded by white quartz

Outdoor Electrics, Steel Lawn Edging & Irrigation

Steel lawn edging installed throughout to stop the bark and compost leaking to the lawn. The lawn edging is also a great help for the lower garden maintenance as the gardener can quickly and easily strim right up to the face of the edging. Many of the larger trees were moved from the front garden to back. In all over 200 plants were introduced with an automated undersoil drip feed irrigation system.

Woven Steel Planters, Orchard and Wild Flower meadow

Being such a large garden there was space for the addtion of four woven steel planters filled annually with kitchen herbs and vegetables. The area behind the planters has been planted with over 500 wildflower plant plugs and 7 small fruit trees.

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