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June brings the longest hours of daylight, peaking at the summer solstice on the 21st. Make the effort to get outside and enjoy it

Flowers – Your roses should be looking amazing by now, June really is their month to shine.  They may just need some help with bugs and diseases with chemical or organic sprays.  Other perennials may need dead heading or staking.  It’s still not too late to sow some annuals directly on to the soil for a summer display, mark the area with sand or similar so that you don’t remove the seedlings while weeding

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Get some lovely annuals for a Pot or Basket

Pots & baskets– If you’ve nothing else in the garden or have just a balcony, treat yourself to some annuals for a pot or basket.  They can be purchased cheaply while still small and will reward you with flowers and colour throughout the summer if watered and fed.

Plant out those tomatoes

Vegetables and fruit – Harvest cut and come again crops every two weeks and sow spinach, rocket etc. every few weeks to ensure a crop is mature as and when you needed. Tomatoes and tender vegetables can now be planted out too.

Preserve your Best Fruit – thin out the weaklings

Trees and fruit – Prune cherry and plum trees. Although there will be some ‘fruit drop’ naturally, it is still best to further thin out your crop to preserve the largest, most succulent fruit. Make sure soft fruit is netted or protected as it ripens.  Apply a high potash feed to pot grown plants fruiting in containers in order to keep them healthy.

This is the time to reap the benefits of all your hard work.  Don’t forget to just simply sit in your garden and enjoy it, the more time we spend outside when the sun is shining the better.  Lets make the most of our outdoor space.  If you don’t have access to a garden, take a stroll through the Hunstanton cliff gardens and up to the lighthouse where the Brownies have been sowing some wild flower seed in a new bed, it’s starting to take shape and looks fabulous, well done girls!.

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Norfolk Gardens looking beautiful in June
Louise’s full Garden borders at her Hunstanton home , Norfolk Coast

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