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Tested – Grampa’s Weeding Tool

Tested – Grampa’s Weeding Tool

Tested – Grampa’s Weeding Tool

If you want to get the best tools for a job it’s good to talk to someone who uses the tool in their daily job. At Balanis.co.uk we have used various tools for removing tap root variants of weeds like dandelions, thistles etc.  We recently did a job where we had to remove over 400 hundred thistles and dandelions from a 750m square lawn. We had to remove them by hand – no chemicals allowed – as the customer has an outdoor swimming pond.

Watch the Video

Here’s Tristan hard at work with Grampa’s weeder. Sorry about the sound quality – but it was a windy day ….

The tool we chose was Grampa’s Weeder Grampa’s Weeder as it’s American … I’d call it Grandpa’s Weeder) – a stand up tap root removal tool. The tool removed all 400+ weeds with 85% of them coming up with the tap root intact. On the occassions it snapped the root probably half of those were times we did not centralise Grampa’s Weeder properly.

Tool Test - Grampa's Weeding Tool

Grandpa’s Weeder is not the only stand up weeding tool on the market – other notable alternatives include the Fiskars Xact and the Worth stand up weeder. Both very good alternatives. I hope to have a side by side comparison of the three tools soon

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