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Reliable, Regular Gardener – not just ….. Mowing the Lawn

Having lived in Norfolk since 2000, the team at Balanis understand how hard working Norfolk folk are. They will turn out in any weather, at any time to do a hard day’s work. The problem is, sometimes it’s just a bit hard to tie some gardeners down to a particular time, maybe even a specific day, or even which week ! At Balanis, we understand that Garden Maintenance is something that needs to be done regularly and reliably. If we say we will be here every Monday at 11am, then you should be able to set your clock by that. If you think you’re garden needs a little bit more than some TLC then please consider Louise for a full on Garden Design or just a colour injection / garden makeover


We want your garden to put a smile on your face all year round

Reliable Garden Maintenance

We’ve also seen our fair share of “gardeners” that really aren’t much more than HACK, MOW, CHOP and LEAVE specialists. Not Balanis, we will agree a Garden Maintenance plan with you, and stick with it unless agreed to the contrary. Please visit our Garden Projects Gallery for some recent examples of Garden Design work undertaken by Louise around the North Norfolk coast.

Same time next week … means SAME TIME NEXT WEEK

One of the reasons we hang on to our gardening customers for so long is because we understand how important regular garden maintenance is. When we’ve spent all day preparing a bed for some new nursery plants next week, we know we have to turn up next week, otherwise all that garden preparation has gone to waste, and we’re back to square one. Garden Maintenance around Hunstanton and local Norfolk villages is our bread and butter, and we’re very good at it, if we may say so ourselves. Not only will we turn up when we say we will, but we will also perform the gardening tasks that we agreed with you the week before.

Want to do it yourself – DIY Garden tips from a Norfolk Gardener

One of Louise’s greatest passions is passing her knowledge on to her customers (if they have an interest that is). Louise loves to spread her understanding of Norfolk’s plants, what grows well where and when to do what to it to each and everybody she meets. That why we have set up this section of the website – What to Do in the Garden this Month – a month by month task list of what you should be tackling in the garden this month.


With the right care and attention your gardens border should delight for many months

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Louise would love to hear from you with any local regular gardening tasks

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